CBR Warm-up Session

Theory and Exam on the same day

About this session:

Do you want to take the theory and the exam on the same day? No problem!
Join this session and immediately go to CBR with the theory fresh in your head.

Our special Exam Training program will fully prepare you for the CBR Exam ahead. This Exam Oriented training start at 9AM and takes around 3 hours. It’s easy to join on Zoom, so no extra travel time. This way you are ready to leave the house immediately after this session.

During this warm-up session we train you with questions from the official exam. The teacher will tell you some extra tips & tricks. This way all theory is fresh in your memory and easy to reproduce during the exam.

With our course, you willl Pass for Sure!

Enroll warm-up session

Did you book a one-day theory course already? Then enroll here for your CBR Warm-up session.

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