Part 1: Legislation, Verhicle Knowledge and Use of the Road

We have split the full day course into three parts. This allows you to stay focused and you can repeat specific parts if necessary. You can follow the parts independently and in any order. You will find the calender of all Part 1 Theory Courses at the buttom of this page.

Part 1 of the Online Car Theory Course consists of the first three chapters, namely Legislation, Vehicle Knowledge (also called Vehicle Requirements) and Use of the road.

1) Legislation

The first chapter is immediately a tough one in which all legislation regarding participation in traffic is discussed. As a director, you will soon have certain rules of conduct that you must know and follow. We discuss the rules and penalties for driving under the influence. And before you get into a car, you should know that there are legal requirements for this vehicle! How often do you need an APK? For which vehicles do you actually need a driving license, and for which do you not? Can a traffic sergeant ask for your driver’s license? After you’ve taken lessons in this chapter, you’ll understand the legal foundation under all of the following lessons and topics.

2) Vehicle knowledge

Here we take a closer look at the requirements for the vehicle you will be driving. There are permanent (technical) requirements and user requirements for the transport of passengers and load. Speaking of load; Do you know the difference between demountable and non-demountable load? Soon you will! Can you already guess how long a car can be in the Netherlands? 12 meters long! After we’ve taught you this chapter, you’ll know all about tire tread depth, legally required fog lamps and the difference between a breakaway brake and an auxiliary clutch, yes really!

3) Use of the road

Are we finally going to hit the road? Yes, and that immediately raises questions: who are road users? And where on the road can we expect them? As a prospective motorist, we not only teach you about driving but also about other road users so that you can anticipate this properly! You won’t be shocked by a super fast bike that goes over the road, but you know that this is a Speed ​​pedelec that follows the rules of mopeds.

It is very important when using the road to know what speed you are allowed to drive, where you can and cannot stop and/or park. After we’ve taught you this chapter, you’ll also know that using the road is different when you’re driving a trailer!

Calender Part 1

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