Practising Questions for CBR Theory exam

Study and learn when it suits you. This is possible with the Online Theory learning and practice platform.


When we started, we wanted the bring The best package there is. We decided not to build our own exam platform but become a partner with the best available platform. Our teachers compared all available platforms and made a choice.

Lens created a platform with 3250 practising questions and 50 unique exams in English. This number is by far the most available. The explanations are well written, the images are nicely designed, and the platform offers more features like audio support, extended time, and dyslexia and colour blindness support. This platform is by far The best platform available.

3250 Practising questions

Repeat, repeat, repeat

The CBR exam consists of questions extracted from a database of thousands of questions. This means that you want to create as many different questions as possible. If you keep repeating the same questions over and over, you will eventually only remember those questions. In the field of knowledge, it is fine to remember facts. However, you will have to go deeper for insight, especially for hazard perception. You must be able to apply the learned knowledge to situations. You can only test whether you can do this by constantly creating new questions and presenting new situations.

The 3250 practising questions and unlimited access cover everything you need to pass for sure. Every answer is very well explained in simple language. The platform is created by native English speakers, and all translations are the same as the CBR exam.

Developed for every device

How handy is it to quickly practice an exam or complete a few assignments from your phone? Our platform is optimized for every device; mobile, tablet, laptop, pc or mac. It is easy to operate, has big clear buttons, and has nothing on the screen other than what it should be.

Dyslexic & Color blindness

Are you dyslexic? Then you can request extra time for your theory exam. This option is also available for the practice questions. The program also includes an option to adjust the font for dyslexia, an option to change the color settings for people with red-green color blindness and blue color blindness, and the option of audio support. This makes this theory practice platform the best in the Netherlands.

What’s the difference between questions and exams?

You start learning through the practice questions. After answering a question, you will immediately receive the answer. Here it will show a detailed explanation of why this is the right answer. So that’s how you learn. With an exam you will not immediately get the answer, but you will see at the end whether you passed or not. Here too is an explanation for each question.

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