Practising Questions for CBR Theory exam

Study and learn when it suits you. This is possible with the Online Theory learning and practice platform.


When we started, we wanted the bring The best package there is. We decided not to build our own exam platform but become a partner with the best available platform. Our teachers compared all available platforms and made a choice.

Lens created a platform with 3250 practising questions and 50 unique exams in English. This number is by far the most available. The explanations are well written, the images are nicely designed, and the platform offers more features like audio support, extended time, and dyslexia and colour blindness support. This platform is by far The best platform available.

50 Realistic CBR Exams

CBR look-a-like

To ensure that you are not faced with unexpected surprises, you want a theory exam platform to offer exams that are almost equal to the real CBR theory exam. Different types of questions, working under time pressure, the operation of the buttons, it is nice if all these parts look familiar to you when you start your exam. This is difficult to assess when you have no idea what the real exam looks like.

The variety of questions and illustrations and the way of operating feel like a real CBR theory exam. If you want to experience what a real CBR exam feels like, then you have come to the right place.


After an exam, it is nice to get an overview of your results. An overview of your mistakes gives an idea of ​​what you need to pay extra attention to. It guides you in the learning process. Our platform provides, without a doubt, the best overview in terms of explanations, layout and content after an exam.

Audio support

If you have trouble reading and like to use audio support, then tis option is essential. Our platform has a pleasant voice and is easy to understand.

Dyslexia support

Do you have dyslexia? Then you can sometimes be faced with a challenge with an exam. Fortunately, the CBR offers extra support on the exam. You can get extra time with your dyslexia statement and audio support. When you practise your exams, you want a realistic simulation of the official CBR exam. So our platform provided extra time and audio the same way. But we go one step further. You can also check a special font that makes reading easier for people with dyslexia.

Ultimate en unlimited Theory Package:

Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum Online Theory Courses
Live on Zoom by professional teachers
Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum Exam Training (CBR Warm-up Session)
Practise questions from the CBR Exam
Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum Extra theory included
50 Exams + 3250 practising questions
Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum Theory and Exam on the same day
Live morning sessions
Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum Unlimited access
Pass for sure!


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